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Spray Foam Insulation Benefits

Posted by Rick Northover on February 20 2017 (energy efficiency, Home Renovation, Insulation, Uncategorized)

What’s the first thing you think about when choosing your insulation? How warm the insulation can keep your home, of course. However, did you know that Spray Foam insulation provides many other advantages that you may be missing out on if you’re using the wrong kind?

Before Sprayseal Application

After Sprayseal Application







It’s true! Poor insulation can be to blame for any number of ills, from hearing the creaks in your home to the layers of dust that mysteriously appear on your TV almost immediately after you’ve dusted.

Spray Foam insulation has many advantages that aren’t usually thought about when deciding between different kinds of insulation. It is imperative that you take these factors into account when deciding on the insulation for your home as many homeowners overlook them and don’t realise their mistake until it’s too late.

Spray foam insulation is so effective because the expanding foam seals every single nook and cranny, not allowing for any pockets of air or space. This means that this option is particularly good for any contoured or uneven surfaces, where more traditional insulation methods such as fibreglass or cellulose would struggle to create a flawless barrier.

Because of spray foam insulation’s ability to fill every crevice it offers a number of other advantage as well as significantly reducing your energy bills.

Due to the flawless nature of the spray foam sealant the amount of dust and air pollutants that are able to seep into your property is drastically reduced. This means less dust over time and fewer irritants such as pollen in your home.

Irritants aren’t the only thing that spray seal insulation keeps out, it also works as an impressive sound barrier. In fact, many homeowners have used Sprayseal insulation specifically to block out the noises from the main road by their house, or to reduce the noise from neighbours.

Another advantage of Sprayseal insulation is that it can be used to strengthen your roof as it turns it into an extremely strong and flexible structure when bonded directly to the back of the tiles. This will improve the longevity of your roof and reduce home maintenance costs over time.

These factors may not be the first that pop to your mind when searching for insulation but you and your home will suffer in the long term if you don’t take the time to make the best decision.

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Written by Rick Northover

Rick Northover is one of the founders of Sprayseal Roof Insulation, which was founded in 1988. When he is not helping domestic and commercial companies in reducing their heating costs, he can be found either watching football or playing golf.

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