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Expanding Foam Insulation

Posted by Rick Northover on December 21 2013 (Insulation)

Considering everyone wants to be more efficient and become ozone friendly insulation has become quite the necessity, the insulation market is growing consistently and as a result the choice of products has grown over the years.

Expanding foam insulation is usually made from acrylic latex or polyurethane which forms into a foam-like substance. It simply expands once being sprayed. The greatest advantage is probably how easy it is to apply. For example, if you are insulating a cavity wall all you need to do is drill a hole into the wall and then apply the foam. Once the foam reaches the cavity it will expand and cover all of the space, leaving no threatening gaps behind. The material has substantial R values making it one of the most efficient insulators available today.

Once it is applied it will maintain the same high insulation power for years to come and is guaranteed. This type of insulation is not the cheapest on the market however, the material compensates its price by reducing your energy bills. Another benefit of expanding foam insulation is in the fact that it actually has a level of fire resistance as well as resisting moisture which has a hugely positive impact when dealing with timber structures which are prone to moisture damage such as rotting and deterioration.

Expanding foam insulation has very wide application due to its insulation power and ease of installation. Whether you’re investing in insulation for your own home, your business, or a property you want to sell, you will be spending wisely. The insulation will instantly boost the price of the property, lower the bills and improve the overall experience in the property in the long run.

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Written by Rick Northover

Rick Northover is one of the founders of Sprayseal Roof Insulation, which was founded in 1988. When he is not helping domestic and commercial companies in reducing their heating costs, he can be found either watching football or playing golf.

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