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Condensation | Causes Problems In Commercial Buildings

Posted by Rick Northover on January 8 2015 (Condensation, Condensation Problems)

It’s that time of year when condensation starts playing havoc in commercial buildings. It causes problems with stock getting wet and factory processes are disrupted. It can also be a health and safety issue when pooling water causes a trip hazard or if it gets into electrical points.

This is an email we recently sent out to commercial building owners who are suffering with condensation during cold weather.


Do you have a warehouse or storage building that suffers from condensation and/or poor insulation?


Condensation problems in commercial buildings can be a significant problem, particularly at this time of year in warehouses. You may also believe that it is not possible to properly insulate a single skinned warehouse building and deal with any heat loss problems cost effectively.


Sprayseal install spray foam insulation to buildings. The spray insulation is quick to install so you’ll have minimal disruption to your day to day operations. It provides effective insulation and condensation control to buildings of various shapes and sizes. The benefits are immediate; you’ll have a warmer workplace, lower heating bills and no condensation problems that could damage stock or machinery.


Sprayseal has been a family run business since 1988 and we have helped many businesses like yours over the years. We are more than happy to provide you with a quote and answer any questions you may have about our spray insulation. Read more on our website.


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Written by Rick Northover

Rick Northover is one of the founders of Sprayseal Roof Insulation, which was founded in 1988. When he is not helping domestic and commercial companies in reducing their heating costs, he can be found either watching football or playing golf.

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