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Flat Roof Insulation

Posted by Rick Northover on December 22 2014 (energy efficiency, Energy Saving, Home Insulation, Insulation, Roof Insulation, Roofing, Weatherproofing)

If you live in a house or building with a flat roof and are thinking of having the roof insulated, you have a couple of options. With flat roof insulation, you need to think about cost and efficiency. Insulation is absolutely essential when you want to keep your property dry, warm and mould free. And […]

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Have These Winds Damaged Your Roof?

Posted by Rick Northover on February 14 2014 (Roof Insulation, Roof Renovation, Roofing)

The winds that are currently blasting the UK are causing damage to property all over the country. I remember in the storms of 1997 we were contracted to apply our spray foam system to the underside of the roofs of ten properties. We sprayed nine of them but one was not ready so we had […]

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Hadlow College Flat Roof Gets Sprayseal Treatment

Posted by Rick Northover on August 2 2012 (Insulation, New Projects, Roof Insulation, Roofing)

Sprayseal recently gained a contract for treating the flat roof of the Northbourne building at Hadlow College, Tonbridge , Kent. The roof had problems with leaking and it was subject to heat loss. Sprayseal were called in and they applied their sprayed foam and coating flat roof insulation system which not only weatherproofed the roof […]

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Craftsman Appreciates Roof Insulation By Sprayseal

Posted by Rick Northover on July 26 2012 (energy efficiency, Insulation, Roofing, Uncategorized)

      Sprayseal have just completed the stabilization and insulation of a metal profile Nissen hut design industrial unit in Doncaster. The unit is being used by Kingswood Construction who are a specialist design and build carpentry company.   The landlords are Ashtenne Ltd. who are one of the UK’s leading provider of industrial […]

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East Lothian Housing Benefits From Sprayseal Roofing System

Posted by Rick Northover on July 25 2012 (Home Insulation, Roofing, Uncategorized)

In 1993 Sprayseal won a contract with East Lothian District Council to renovate and insulate the roofs of 85 of the council’s houses. The roofs were treated with the Sprayseal Roof Renovation and Insulation system which meant that there was little or no disruption to the tenants. The roofs all had the sisalkraft paper lining […]

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Hadrian’s Wall Museum Roof Renovation by Sprayseal

Posted by Rick Northover on July 6 2012 (Insulation, New Projects, Roof Renovation, Roofing)

Sprayseal carried out Roof Renovation work to The Bone and Stone store at The Roman Army Museum near Hadrian’s Wall in Greenhead for The Vindolanda Trust. The building was a 50 plus year old Nissen Hut style property with a corrugated asbestos sheet roof. The roof was in a poor condition with corrosion of the bolt […]

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Sprayseal Launches New Roof Protection Service

Posted by Rick Northover on August 6 2009 (New Projects, Roof Renovation, Roofing)

Today we are delighted to announce the launch of our brand new roof protection service. The service has been in development for some time and early testing has shown some great results. The service helps protect your roof from erosion and moss build up and saves people from having to replace their roofs. The product […]

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