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UK Sprayed Foam Insulation

Posted by Rick Northover on January 28 2016 (Home Insulation, Industrial Insulation, Roof Insulation)

Here is a short video about UK sprayed foam insulation.

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Roof Insulation After 25 Years

Posted by Rick Northover on February 23 2015 (Industrial Insulation, Roof Insulation, Weatherproofing)

Roof insulation after 25 years looking very good!                 This picture was taken from a distance so it’s not great. We carried out this sprayed foam and coating system to the factory roof in 1990. The factory is in Leicestershire and the overall roof area was approximately 2000 […]

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Spray Foam and Coating in UK

Posted by Rick Northover on December 8 2014 (Industrial Insulation, Roof Insulation)

Spray foam and coating is an ideal system for treating commercial and industrial roofs, Sprayseal are experts in this field. The beauty of our system is that whatever manufacturing process is going on inside the building will not be disrupted because we do not drill through existing roof sheets or disturb the roof in any […]

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Commercial Roof Insulation By Sprayseal

Posted by Rick Northover on November 25 2014 (Condensation Problems, Industrial Insulation)

This is another short video explaining how we can help with commercial roof insulation. By insulating your warehouse roof you can save considerable amounts on heating and also eradiate condensation. Call us or fill out the contact form.

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Myths | Closed Cell Spray Foam Insulation

Posted by Rick Northover on November 20 2014 (Energy Saving, Industrial Insulation)

Here is a video produced by Honeywell in America called Debunking Myths about closed cell spray foam insulation. Whilst we at Sprayseal use a different supplier, the benefits of using closed cell sprayed foam (ccSPF) are the same. We have been spraying ccSPF for over 26 years in the UK on many thousands of sites […]

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Warehouse Insulation For Water Authority

Posted by Rick Northover on February 26 2014 (Condensation Problems, energy efficiency, Energy Saving, Industrial Insulation)

We have just completed the insulation of this warehouse for a water authority. It is a single skin metal profile building which was subject to significant heat loss and the build up of condensation. We have sprayed a 50mm layer of Sprayseal insulation foam to the whole area which has reduced heat loss by over […]

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Condensation Problems

Posted by Rick Northover on January 30 2014 (Condensation, Condensation Problems, Industrial Insulation, Insulation, Roof Insulation, Roof Renovation)

Condensation Prevention Condensation in commercial buildings can prove not only an irritant, it can lead to huge financial implications as well. Where condensation forms on roofs and walls in colder conditions, the drips can lead to damage of internal finishes, machinery or materials and also to Health and Safety dangers within the workplace. Where condensation […]

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Top Safety Accreditation for Sprayseal Contracts Ltd.

Posted by Rick Northover on October 1 2013 (Home Insulation, Industrial Insulation, Roof Insulation)

Top Safety Accreditation for Sprayseal Contracts Ltd. Sprayseal has been awarded accreditation from safecontractor for its commitment to achieving excellence in health and safety. safecontractor is a leading third party accreditation scheme which recognises very high standards in health and safety management amongst UK contractors. Sprayseal is principally involved in the roof renovation and insulation […]

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