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It’s Nice To Be Appreciated | Sprayseal

Posted by Rick Northover on April 29 2016 (Condensation, Condensation Problems, Energy Saving, Roof Insulation)

It’s nice to be appreciated and here is an email we received at Sprayseal this week from another satisfied customer. Hi Rick. Just a quick message to say how much we appreciate the quality of both the product and the way you conducted the business. Your two chaps worked really hard and were courteous and […]

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Airplane Foam Insulation For Your Home

Posted by Rick Northover on February 4 2015 (Energy Saving, Home Insulation, Uncategorized)

  Only 50mm (2 inches) of foam insulation separates the cabin of an airplane and the -60 degrees Centigrade temperatures at 35,000 feet. This foam insulation is the same system as we at Sprayseal use, we can apply it to the underside of your roof and it will seal and insulate it, saving you heat […]

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Guess which house has Sprayseal Roof Insulation!!

Posted by Rick Northover on January 29 2015 (energy efficiency, Energy Saving, Home Insulation)

  Guess which house has Sprayseal Roof Insulation!! Save 95% of heat escaping through your roof! This photo shows the snow holding on a roof we treated a few years ago – maybe his neighbours should have it done.  

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Flat Roof Insulation

Posted by Rick Northover on December 22 2014 (energy efficiency, Energy Saving, Home Insulation, Insulation, Roof Insulation, Roofing, Weatherproofing)

If you live in a house or building with a flat roof and are thinking of having the roof insulated, you have a couple of options. With flat roof insulation, you need to think about cost and efficiency. Insulation is absolutely essential when you want to keep your property dry, warm and mould free. And […]

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NASA Uses Spray Polyurethane Foam Insulation

Posted by Rick Northover on December 18 2014 (Energy Saving, Insulation)

 NASA incorporated  spray polyurethane foam insulation within the Orion spacecraft. The spacecraft was successfully launched Dec. 5, the first such takeoff since the Space Shuttle program ended. The foam insulation is used on the second-stage liquid fuel tanks of all NASA spacecraft. The manufacturer has served as a supplier to NASA for 30 years. The […]

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Myths | Closed Cell Spray Foam Insulation

Posted by Rick Northover on November 20 2014 (Energy Saving, Industrial Insulation)

Here is a video produced by Honeywell in America called Debunking Myths about closed cell spray foam insulation. Whilst we at Sprayseal use a different supplier, the benefits of using closed cell sprayed foam (ccSPF) are the same. We have been spraying ccSPF for over 26 years in the UK on many thousands of sites […]

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Warehouse Insulation For Water Authority

Posted by Rick Northover on February 26 2014 (Condensation Problems, energy efficiency, Energy Saving, Industrial Insulation)

We have just completed the insulation of this warehouse for a water authority. It is a single skin metal profile building which was subject to significant heat loss and the build up of condensation. We have sprayed a 50mm layer of Sprayseal insulation foam to the whole area which has reduced heat loss by over […]

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Top Ten Energy Saving Tips [Infographic]

Posted by Rick Northover on January 30 2014 (Energy Saving)

Here’s our latest infographic with tips on how to save energy and money through making your home more energy efficient.

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